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6 reasons to choose Runfeng tubes

Quality management6 core values
  • Quality and Management system

    Certified with ISO9001 2015 Quality
  • Large stock of raw-materials

    The product specification is complete
  • Professional engineers

    Professional technical team to provide customers with high quality products?
  • High quality Production lines

    We have professional production equipment of special seamless steel pipe and advanced testing equipment
  • Long terms Strategic

    The company maintains long-term cooperative relationship with many large and well-known domestic enterprises
  • After-sale service

    Serve you wholeheartedly 24 hours a day, and provide high-quality after-sales service professionally

PROFESSIONAL & customized service

More professional and personalized

Sales + production + after salesSpecial seamless steel pipe

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Wuxi Runfeng Specail pipe Co.,Ltd


More professional and personalized

Wuxi Runfeng Special Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise specializing in the production and operation of special seamless steel pipes. The company covers an area of 150000 square meters, and the construction area of factory buildings is 100000 square meters. There is Zhihu port with a capacity of 800 tons ships in the west of the plant area. There are many large berths and docks in the plant area, with 40 tons of large-scale traffic, and containers can be directly loaded. The company is adjacent to Xiyi Expressway and Xinchang railway in the South and Huning railway, Huning Expressway......Learn more>>

Wuxi Runfeng Specail pipe Co.,Ltd
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